*These calculators are for demonstration and example purposes only.  They are not to be used as accounting advise or anticipated rate of return.  Please consult your CPA or accountant to see how you can benefit from the tax benefits from Oil and Gas. 



This calculator is to show you what your NET investment amount would be the first year you participate in a project. There are tremendous tax benefits  to drilling or performing work on a well. Just simply input your total investment amount along with your tax bracket to see what your investment savings would be.  If you want to keep the results for a later date for your personal record, please feel free to input your email address at the bottom of the calculator to send the results to yourself.  This calculator is for demonstrations purposes only and not to be taken for tax advice.  This is simply for example purposes and please consult your personal accountant for any tax advice or benefits pertaining to oil and gas.

BARRELS TO CASH calculator

We get asked everyday how much will my check be a month if the well produces a certain amount at a certain price.  Well, we decided to make it easy for you to determine every scenario on your own!  This way you can work through multiple scenarios and see how the price, production, expenses, and taxes will alter your monthly income. Just simply input a certain percent Working Interest and adjust the different parameters to meet your expectations.  Feel free to make multiple scenarios and send them to your self to see the different outcomes.  

rate of return calculator

The first two calculators really come together here in the final step. Take your NET INVESTMENT along with BARRELS TO CASH estimates and see what your RATE OF RETURN would look like.  Again, this is for demonstration purposes, so please consult your CPA or Account for tax advice.  This is simply for example purposes.  If you have any questions or issues while working through these calculators, please feel free to give us a call so we can explain and help walk you through the calculations.