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Evans Energy II, LLC is a specialized independent energy exploration and operating company with a focus on oil and natural gas exploration, development, and production. With over 40 years of experience, the Evans family has extensive involvement in various aspects of the oil and gas industry. As the owner/operator of each project, Evans Energy II, LLC; Pistol Ridge Partners, LLC; S. Lavon Evans, LLC and Mustang Drilling oversee every phase from prospect development to obtaining leases, drilling, completion, operation, and production.


With over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, the Evans family has a deep understanding of all aspects of the industry. As an owner-operator, Evans Energy II, LLC is equipped to oversee every stage of a project, from prospecting to drilling, completion, production, and daily operations.

Our mission is embodied in our motto, "Success Built on Experience." We are constantly seeking valuable leases with proven reserves along the Gulf Coast and Mid Continent area, and use advanced drilling and completion technologies to maximize the recovery of oil and gas reserves.

When you partner with Evans Energy II, LLC, you are partnering with a company whose primary goal is to find production in every well we drill. Our geologists and engineers use every available data source, including seismic data, field mapping, subsurface and structure mapping, production proximity, historical production, new zone potential, and new prospecting technology, to make informed decisions about a well's potential.

The projects offered by Evans Energy II, LLC are often part of a larger field development, with multiple wells drilled in a prospective area. This approach allows us to maximize the benefits of our geological and engineering research and minimize the costs associated with well development, such as personnel, equipment, and infrastructure costs. Evans Energy II, LLC is always a large working-interest partner in every project, with a shared interest in achieving the best possible results at the lowest possible cost. When you succeed, we succeed.



The Evans Philosophy: Evans Energy II, LLC was founded on the principles of hard work and a commitment to doing what we say we will do. Over the years, this attitude has helped us develop into a successful company in the oil and gas industry.

The Evans Goals: At Evans Energy II, LLC, we believe that success is achieved through teamwork and our focus is always on drilling successful wells and operating financially successful projects for all stakeholders involved. With over 40 years of experience and 650 successful wells drilled in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and other states, our management team has established processes that have proven to be profitable. Our aim is to continue building on our past success and experience to explore and provide contract drilling services in new areas and utilize technological advancements to maximize the recovery of domestic oil and gas reserves.

The Evans Strategy: Utilizing our years of experience in drilling and operations, we work closely with experienced geologists and engineers to gather all available data to make informed decisions about a well's potential. This includes utilizing techniques such as 3D seismic, field mapping, proximity to known production, historical production, new zone potential, and new prospecting technology to select only the prospects with the greatest potential for commercial success.


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S. Lavon Evans

Nash Evans


Brian Bunnell

Corporate Office Manager

Nicholas Will

Creative Director

Shane Shepherd

Business Development

Harley Garvin

Public Relations

Chuck Bayoud

Public Relations

Carolyn Green

Accounting Clerk

Justin Sears

Public Relations

Edward Alvarez

Regional Office Manager

John Bulin

Public Relations

Collin Dierssen

Public Relations

Jason Zahodnik

Public Relations

Jason Gilmartin

Public Relations

Will Towle

Public Relations

Chad Bouaazzi

Public Relations

Ashton Hurley

Public Relations

Allen Floyd

Production Superintendent

Justin Brent

Petroleum Engineer

Charles Zambori

Compliance / Recruitment

Commodore Breland

Rig Supervisor

Donny Pittman

Fishing Tool Operator 

Our Workover Rig & Crew

Field Update
EandD Workover Rig
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