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The Evans Family has successfully drilled and managed over 650+ oil and gas wells. We adopt a hands-on approach during drilling or workover to ensure the best practices are implemented for a successful completion. The highest risk is involved in the drilling stage of a project, and Evans Energy II employs engineers and company men with extensive experience in the specific region in which we are operating. We do this because knowledge gained from every oil and gas field cannot be obtained from textbooks. Safety is our top priority during all projects, and our experience enables us to transform a raw piece of land into a profitable well while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Pipeline Management


The majority of wells in which we have an interest are operated by one of the Evans family's operating companies. This allows us to have immediate access to information about work and production progress in any field. Our own engineers and crews can use the real-time field information to optimize our producing wells and prevent costly repairs through preventative maintenance. Working with an owner-operator is the most efficient way to produce a well. This is the best method we have found to monitor and prolong the life of a producing well.

Workover rig


Our philosophy for oil and gas projects is simple: don't reinvent the wheel. There are numerous new methods for finding and producing hydrocarbons in today's natural resource industry. Our companies have followed major oil and gas players during boom and bust cycles, taking advantage of proven, lower-risk production instead of attempting to find oil independently. In many cases, we can leverage the 2D and 3D seismic data collected by other companies at a fraction of the cost. By comparing the production of surrounding wells with the seismic data, we can identify previously undrilled areas with high production potential. With our expertise in the land aspect of the business, we can acquire leases at lower prices than during a boom, and our low drilling costs increase our overall rate of return while reducing risk.



Most of the time, when we pursue an oil and gas well, we do so with the expectation that there is a high likelihood of additional room for field development and growth beyond the initial well we are drilling. This is a complex and forward-looking strategy, and our background in land and experience as an operator plays a crucial role. When we successfully drill a well, we use information from logs and production, combined with data from other wells in the field and geological data, to identify areas for expansion and untapped reserves with similar geological attributes. Every region has different requirements for drilling and producing a well, so it is important to anticipate expansion once the wells and field have been proven. This allows us to acquire additional acreage before the increased production raises the cost of the land, enabling us to further expand development at a lower cost and risk.

What We Do


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Evans Energy II, LLC is an independent energy exploration, operating, and drilling group specializing in oil and natural gas exploration, development, and production. With over 40 years of experience, the Evans family has been involved in nearly every aspect of the oil and gas industry. As owner-operators of each project, Evans Energy II, LLC and Mustang Drilling oversee all phases of development, from identifying future prospects, acquiring oil, gas, and mineral leases, to drilling, completion, operation, and production.

Our motto, "Success Built on Experience," is more than just a tagline, it is our commitment. We consistently work to secure valuable leases with proven reserves in the Gulf Coast states, developing new fields and revisiting previously drilled areas to maximize the recovery of oil and gas reserves through the use of advanced completion technologies.

When you partner with Evans Energy II, LLC, you are partnering with a company and professionals whose primary objective is to achieve production with every well we drill. In evaluating potential prospects, our geologists and engineers analyze all available data to make the most informed decisions about a well's potential. This includes utilizing seismic data, field mapping, subsurface and structure mapping, proximity to known production, historical production, new zone potential, and the latest prospecting technologies.



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S. Lavon Evans

Nash Evans


Brian Bunnell

Corporate Office Manager

Nicholas Will

Creative Director

Shane Shepherd

Business Development

Harley Garvin

Public Relations

Chuck Bayoud

Public Relations

Carolyn Green

Accounting Clerk

Justin Sears

Public Relations

Edward Alvarez

Regional Office Manager

John Bulin

Public Relations

Collin Dierssen

Public Relations

Jason Zahodnik

Public Relations

Jason Gilmartin

Public Relations

Allen Floyd

Production Superintendent

Justin Brent

Petroleum Engineer

Will Towle

Public Relations

Commodore Breland

Rig Supervisor

Donny Pittman

Fishing Tool Operator 

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